Accurately Predict Individual Sales Performance. Pre-Hire.

PerceptionPredict.  Our Sales Methodology

PerceptionPredict is the modern way to hire great salespeople. Using human-centered data-driven AI models built on insights from your company’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately predict a team member’s expected future performance in whatever KPI that matters to you: revenue sold, units sold, appointments booked before you hire them. We don’t replace your role in the hiring process, we simply help you make better-informed decisions.

Here are some typical job roles that can be targeted:  Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Engineer, Services Consultant and Sales Leader.

The Problem.

Hiring a top performing sales team is the single strongest driver of sales success, but it’s an area few companies master.  Liability hires drive high turnover, slower ramp time, higher lost opportunity costs and lower overall sales productivity.  Devising a repeatable formula for the ideal hire is critical to ensure only people with the highest probability of becoming top sales performers are hired.

Common problems we solve:

  • High sales turnover
  • Retaining top performers
  • Poor quality of fit
  • Low sales quota attainment
  • Chronic underperformance
  • Bias in hiring decisions

The Solution.

The ideal sales hiring formula is different for each company and sales role.  However, the process required to build that formula is the same across all sales organizations.

Utilizing data and scient technology, PerceptionPredict undertakes proprietary research using client data to create a hiring formula for each sales role.  

  1. Data Collection – Capture team performance data and psychographic traits
  2. Fingerprint Debrief – Conduct statistical analysis to build a prediction model
  3. System Deployment – Select candidates with high KPI performance

Customize Performance Fingerprint

Created from your own company’s attributes and sales data. Allows you to predict sales performance in your company using KPI’s.

Easy to

Instantly see a highly accurate performance prediction of all sales candidates. Know which ones to prioritize at a glance.

Actionable Insights
Both Pre
and Post Hire

You’re able to look deep under the hood to very specific information about your existing team as well as any potential hire.

The Results. 

Performance Fingerprints learn continuously by being subjected to successive recalibrations that improve their predictive accuracy.  Each recalibration ingests new performance data from the incumbent team and new hires, enabling firms to adapt their sales hiring to market shifts, changes in buyer behavior and the competitive landscape in real time. 

Clients can systematically:

  • Identify A-players more quickly to accelerate time to hire
  • Rapidly scale a world-class sales team
  • Grow sales team productivity
  • Improve economic efficiency and ROI
Customer Focused Selling

Learn a selling skills system that will improve the sales and influencing skills needed to execute a successful consultative approach with customers. SELL MORE. SELL FASTER. BUILD TRUST AND EXPAND RELATIONSHIPS.

The Customer-Focused Selling™ workshop combines a skills assessment with targeted learning to help participants quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a strategic approach to selling.

This sales training is offered both in-person as well as in a virtual format via a blended-learning experience.

The training begins with the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) to determine current strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Audience: Sales professionals including, but not limited to, new members of the sales team, sales leadership, business development representatives, account managers, regional and area managers, as well as rookie and veteran sales representatives.

Participants who successfully complete the training will be able to:

  • Understand their prospective or current client’s perspective and how to sell from their viewpoint.
  • Quickly identify the characteristics and needs of people with different buying styles.
  • Listen and ask questions effectively to gain necessary information and guide conversations.
  • Present the value of your solution so it differentiates and addresses your prospect’s needs.
  • Handle objections and navigate buying conditions with greater ease.
  • Gain commitment on next steps, close deals, and position for expanded relationships.