PI INSPIRE. Unleash the power of your people by understanding what truly drives them.

Don’t let PI become your best kept secret.

Build an award-winning culture by encouraging all of your employees to take the six-minute free-choice PI Behavioral Assessment™, proudly share their findings, and learn what drives them and those around them. Doing so allows conversations to become easier, conflicts to be avoided, and decisions to be made faster.

Understand your people.

Building better working relationships requires an understanding of the interplay between different behavioral drives. With the Relationship Guide, it’s easy to see how two people’s strengths combine and where they may need some guidance.

Build better managers.

Leverage the Manager Development Chart to help your managers understand their strengths, caution areas, and tips for improving.
Then use the Management Strategy Guide to custom-tailor their management styles for each of their direct reports’ behavioral drives and needs to build strong reporting relationships.

PI Inspire As a manager, responsibilities are endless, and yet they remain the linchpin for your team’s success. PI Inspire is the secret to building a high performing team that runs itself—so they have time to be strategic. Powered by deep behavioral insights, they’ll coach your direct reports to greatness, predict team dynamics, and solve people issues in a flash.