Change Management: Stress and Motivation

Understand why change causes stress for your employees and how to effectively communicate to motivate them!


Let’s face it, change causes stress. Change is inevitable; therefore, so is stress! Especially in the world of business, work, and people. All of us deal with change and stress differently. We can handle different amounts of the “load”! According to the work of Vakola and Nikolaou (2005), highly stressed individuals demonstrate decreased commitment to the organization and increased reluctance to accept organizational change. This makes the job of management very difficult because you have key results to achieve.


Organizations experiencing change need their people to get into gear. The use of psychometrics to understand a person’s “gears” isn’t new. But, not all are created equal. Most are long and create large “reports” of data. What is data without a solution? It’s like a spreadsheet without a formula. If the largest barrier for change in your organization isn’t technology, it is your people, (Appelbaum, St. Pierre, and Glavas, 1998).  When work and people are aligned, things get into gear! This engagement will ensure your people are committed and capable of handling the stress of change. Psychometric testing is great, but it must be coupled with a solution that helps you align the gears of your organization.


Kinsey Management believes managing change effectively can make great people and supercharge your organization. A total psychometric solution like The Predictive Index (PI), empowers management to identify which people are critical to success and how they handle change. Understanding how people handle change can help organizations predict stress and disengagement. The PI solution creates an effective strategy for communication, motivation, and building teams. Kinsey Management’s expertise, coupled with the power of PI, can help you conquer change.

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