In the Competition for Talent, Are you Making Quality Hires?

Article from Hunt Scanlon by Scott Scanlon

The struggle over talent?

The great Lou Holtz once said, “Talent determines what you can do.”


With regard to business, how does what you do determine what talent you need?  How do you ensure your hiring managers are hiring talent that fits what you do?Can you align this talent to your mission?  Can you effectively manage and motivate these hires to keep them? Do you understand why they behave at work as they do? How can make them more a part of the team? Can you predict their performance? All tough questions to answer. All in all, you need to make quality hires and keep them. You need to answer these questions to do both.

Are you making quality hires?

This article by Scanlon is a good road map. It also gives a great framework to how Kinsey Management empowers clients by utilizing the Predictive Index solution to answer the tough questions above. Specifically, by using the total talent management solution The Predictive Index (PI), Kinsey Management is empowering clients across Texas and Louisiana to make quality hires (and retain them) by:

  • Assessing Job Roles – This helps determine what success looks like in your organizations job roles. By understanding who your company is and what it needs from its roles, it will help create a message to candidates that attracts the right fit and creates an emotional attachment to role. As a result, this increases the Employee Value Proposition.
  • Planning Integration – Most organizations are using HRIS systems that help them gather data for workforce planning. Our solution is open API which integrates easily into your system and provides valuable behavioral and cognitive data to overlay with turnover trends. Thus, helping you reduce turnover and specifically target behavioral engagement strategies. All in all, by utilizing PI’s behavioral metrics, we can help predict performance and future talent needs.
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Alignment -Often, there are alignment gaps between HR, recruitment, and hiring managers when it comes to open roles and hiring for them. By assessing the job role and the candidates on a behavioral and cognitive level, the PI solution has tools to help structure and align the hiring process for all stakeholders. Consequently, our solution closes the gap between hiring managers and talent acquisition.
  •  Talent Management Metrics – The Predictive Index helps bridge the gap between business priorities and the talent needed to drive results. With a 60 year scientifically validated tracked record, PI gives valuable insights into the minds of your talent. We can help create talent benchmarks, create succession plans, manage organizational change, and create a deeper bench for all roles. Kinsey Management’s specialized expertise helps leaders target emphasis areas of talent development, create current and future organizational charts, and create targeted strategies to help you increase the quality of your hires. Our clients don’t hire and hope. In fact, they hire with confidence.
  •  Orientation Insights – Understanding your new hires by using PI gives you deep insights how a new hire learns, communicates, processes details, delegates work, desires instruction, makes decisions, and processes information. Thus, behavioral insights help you customize your onboarding process and orientations. This increases the emotional connection to the company and the role of the new hire. As a result, this helps keep your new hires in their new seats!

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