Embedded within our solution, we use assessments to set custom benchmarks for your job roles, understand leadership needs and behaviors, create easy to use gap analysis and determine how quickly individuals are wired to adapt and learn. Data drives insight and insight empowers transformative change.

Talent Optimization Software

Our PI software is a dashboard-based SaaS solution that is intuitive and easy to use. It acts as both your delivery system and database. Full of impactful tools ready to give actionable insights on jobs, interviewing, people, managers, leaders, communication, and teams. We work alongside you to align your people strategy and business strategy to achieve business results. We provide full implementation strategy and software support.

Business Strategy and Execution

We will help you to define your mission, vision and strategic intent statements and clarify your “true north” for the organization.

Sales Team Training

Learn a selling skills system that will improve the sales and influencing skills needed to execute a successful consultative approach with customers. We combine a skills assessment with targeted learning to help your team quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a strategic approach to selling.

Leadership Training and Development

Leaders are needed at every level. But leaders are not always born. Our leadership development program is a multi-faceted approach that begins with self-awareness, with a focus on how we can best influence others. Our strategic approach combines assessment, benchmarking, and knowledge transfer. We help leaders understand their natural area of strength and blind spots in order to self-reflect and auto correct.

Personalized Solutions Consulting

Kinsey Management offers a variety of strategic organizational development consulting services, including performance management, organizational design and implementation, succession planning, talent identification and coaching.