The Predictive Index’s Design Tool helps leaders build great Teams!

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Kinsey Management is a talent optimization firm focused on aligning your business strategy with your people strategy. Our approach and data-driven methodology enables sustainable, scalable, predictable growth for companies in any industry.

It works on any team.

Introducing the only tool that lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success. Assess your team’s strategic goals and behavioral style (or “Team Type”) side-by-side — so you can know where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch.

With PI Team Discovery™, your teams work efficiently, and you can stay focused on strategy. Check out the video below!

Team Assessment Tool | PI Design | The Predictive Index

Brandon Kinsey

Brandon Kinsey

Brandon’s experience lies in coaching, leadership, team building, and strategic planning. With a social science and leadership background, Brandon has over 19 years of experience coaching individuals and teams. He has a proven track record in driving sales and bottom-line results through relationships, team building and project management execution. Brandon is passionate about empowering leaders with the playbook to uniquely build their teams.

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