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The people game is changing when it comes to hiring, engagement, and leadership. This past March at the Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018, Philadephia Eagles football operation exec Howie Roseman candidly admitted leveraging people analytics along with other traditional metrics to draft better and win championships (Bleeding Green Nation, May 20, 2018: Michael Kist). Hard to argue with the reigning NFL Super Bowl Champs process. Speaking of champs, the defending World Champion and hometown Houston Astros are also leveraging AI and deep learning. According to Andy Johnson of Textio Word Nerd, the Astros “began augmenting that data set by including softer data points such as a player’s injury probability, personality, family history, and more. Then they compared prospective players with a machine learning data model built from a history of baseball prospects since 1997. In other words, they have been using past and current player data and player outcomes to predict the future of player success” (textio.ai Nov. 8 2017).

The game is changing and you are either changing with it or being eaten by it. At Kinsey Management, A Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, we apply human metrics uniquely. Not only do we utilize The Predictive Index (PI), but as true organizational effectiveness professionals we help leaders weave together goals, hires, promotions, people strategies and business strategies to achieve key results. As master trainers of PI, we empower our clients in a full knowledge transfer in order to utilize the 60 years of proven (validated over 500 times) human behavioral science. We are changing the game when it comes to non-biased hiring practices, deeper human engagement, employee retention, and qualitative high potential identification and leadership development. Our best-in-class management workshops are built to empower and supercharge your workforce culture. Are you ready to change the game?

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