Is Agility the answer for being Overwhelmed with Task?

Learn how to harness and discard behaviors to make you more agile!

Feeling Overwhelmed? To busy to be productive?

The one common denominator I hear as I meet with business leaders is that they are swamped. Overwhelmed by email, calls, meetings, and task. They come in earlier and stay later. All the while, the unchecked boxes pile up.  As our workforce changes and the pressure of our labor market stiffens, we find ourselves doing more with less of us to spread around.

Is Agility the answer to being buried?

While it may seem trivial, Agility is the most transformational theme of our generation (Forbes, Jan Bruce Oct. 24). Everything is built for Agility: food, print, sports, media, entertainment, communications, graphics, reports, data, organizations, and work itself. Guess what? People can be Agile too. By harnessing the natural behavior tendencies you possess and discarding behaviors that make you inefficient, you can begin to take back your task list. You can learn to leverage your own self-awareness, self-coach the areas of caution, and model behavior that will make you more efficient. This model will help others in your influence do the same. What do you need? Human analytics tools are simply more data. Imagine Excel without formulas? Its just data. Is your human solution just you giving data? You need formulas for becoming more Agile and less overwhelmed.

Is there a full Agility solution formula?

Solutions are like insurance. They are only as good as the people that you buy them from. That is what makes Kinsey Management different. We aren’t just data, we are a formula! Contact me, let’s talk Agility.

Brandon Kinsey