XChange 2018: Probe Human Behavior To Boost Employee Engagement

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Kinsey Management is a talent optimization firm focused on aligning your business strategy with your people strategy. Our approach and data-driven methodology enables sustainable, scalable, predictable growth for companies in any industry.

I’d like to thank the The Channel Company for a wonderful 2 days. The leadership and talent at XChange 2018 was impressive. Employee engagement was listed as their top industry challenge and hopefully we left them with a methodology for efficient engagement and most importantly, increased productivity and profit. Here’s a short example from our presentation:

Let’s paint a picture we’ve all experienced. Take Ron, a seasoned and producing Director of Sales. Ron has been at his firm for years. His boss, the CEO, understands Ron and luckily, engages him productively. Ron needs opportunity to influence, he needs feedback, and he needs loose structure. But life happens, especially in business. Ron’s CEO leaves the company and enter Brian the new CEO. Brian is also highly seasoned and productive. However, Brian is highly authoritative, is task focused, and is data driven. You can see where this is going. Brian rides Ron to produce his way until Ron ultimately becomes disengaged and enters the job market. We all know how this usually ends. Ron takes all his talent and experience to the competition.

Brian and Ron were simply misaligned and unaware how their individual behavior was affecting their work behavior. A quick, accurate, valid Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment could have helped gather their behavior data. The inspire tools of the PI total business solution could have applied the human behavior data to create a applicable road map to a deeper, meaningful, and lasting management solution. Leaders cannot manage using the Golden Rule. It doesn’t work. We can’t hope to get lucky fits when it comes to engagement. It cost big dollars to miss on engagement. Leaders have an obligation to the organization to engage our people in a way that aligns with their natural behavior. Engagement doesn’t have to be based on luck and guesses when you have an experienced partner like Kinsey Management and the Predictive Index.

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Brandon Kinsey

Brandon Kinsey

Brandon’s experience lies in coaching, leadership, team building, and strategic planning. With a social science and leadership background, Brandon has over 19 years of experience coaching individuals and teams. He has a proven track record in driving sales and bottom-line results through relationships, team building and project management execution. Brandon is passionate about empowering leaders with the playbook to uniquely build their teams.

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