The reason why traditional job interviews are losing their importance

You’ve got the perfect candidate on paper, but their interview has left far more to be desired. It’s a predicament that many employers face and one which can be tricky to solve. No one wants to miss out on top-tier talent. However, the interview process is beginning to see a development, with a new generation of employers now spending less time focusing on formal vetting processes and looking towards new, innovative ways to observe talent instead. The Predictive Index (PI) can be an integral part of this process, helping you to identify traits and skills that would benefit your environment in a natural way. Read on and find out why the interview process isn’t everything and how you can make a positive change in your own hiring process.

The issues with interviews

Interviews are absolutely necessary within a workplace, however, sometimes too much emphasis is put on a candidate perfecting one. In some circumstances, the person who seems to pass an interview with flying colours may be a weak link in the workplace. In others, it may transpire that the candidate who was lacking in certain qualities turns out to be your star employee. The problem with interviews is that it is very difficult to gain a representative view of a person’s personality and work ethic. And when it comes to the office, no matter how big or small, these elements can make or break a company. Even if you have the most talented candidate in front of you, if they have a poor work ethic, your team morale could be significantly lowered which can result in lower productivity and efficiency. Nerves, the pressure to impress and a lack of confidence can all have big impacts on a candidate’s performance at an interview, potentially leading to employers bypassing brilliant employees in favour of the wrong people.

Why the PI can help you make the right decision

The Predictive Index (PI) assessment has the ability to give employers a clear and detailed understanding of a candidate’s behavioral patterns and how they may fit into specific job roles and environments. They will be able to show you an unbiased representation which will indicate whether a particular candidate is a right fit for your position, aligning natural behaviors with requirements of the job role. This can make a huge difference in your hiring process, helping to ensure that you select staff who will be truly happy, productive and passionate about your company and their role within it. As well as reducing low productivity, it will also lower your company’s turnover. According to the Harvard Business Review, a massive 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. As much as we like to think we can prepare for this, it’s just not possible to know whether a candidate will flourish and succeed in your workplace.

How will The Predictive Index work in the hiring process?

The Predictive Index (PI) is a brilliant tool in helping to create a much clearer picture of a candidate’s suitability to the workplace, using science to define a person’s behavior, without any potential bias that comes from human emotion. Kinsey Management will give you the flexibility to determine the exact behavioral and cognitive demands that your position requires, taking a number of key factors into account, including the plan that you have for the role and the working environment. They will then use this data to source the highest quality candidates, predict the best fit for your company and essentially, help you to make positive and long-term hiring decisions. As well as cutting out a lot of the stress, time and resources that are involved in long interview processes, it will give you employees who truly fit your role. In turn, this will speed up workplace productivity and energize your workforce, as well as give you a brilliant return on investment.

How you can make interviews more efficient

Interviews are always going to be an integral part of employing the right people. However, with the help of the Predictive Index, you can rest assured that you will have a much higher standard of candidates to select from. As well as The PI Behavioral Assessment and The PI Job Assessment, Kinsey Management can support your company in executing quality, productive interviews with interview guides and workshops. As well as boost awareness and the knowledge of what to look for in a candidate, they will also help employers conduct the most successful interviews possible that will assure quality interaction. Some of the workshops include “What Drives People” and “Attracting and Selecting Top Performers,” both ideal for employers who are looking to introduce a new standard of employees into their business. Whether you are looking to expand, restructure, or introduce fresh employees into your company, it is essential that you begin by reassessing your own interview processes and the way that you hire your staff.

Find out how Kinsey Management can make an impact in your office through the use of The PI, workshops, and more, by contacting us today.