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Change Management

Under Pressure? Why we choke and how to avoid it

On the football field, we called rising under pressure being a “gamer”. We had a word when it didn’t happen either. It was called “Choking”. It’s one of the worst things you can tell your performers…..It’s devastating.

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Finding the Magic in Talent Optimization

You set a strategy for your sales and your business. But do you set a people strategy? If you don’t, you are missing out on the magic of engaged employees, dynamic teams, a thriving culture, and a healthy bottom line.

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HR Analytics

People Analytics: Get On-board!

People analytics is going through a major shift.  From workforce planning to employee engagement and retention, the need for data is growing.  Leaders are looking for this knowledge to target, recruit, hire, engage and predict performance.  The modern HR department is being transformed from a transactional help desk into a strategic solution center that is multidisciplinary and applied across the business units. Analytics tools, like the Predictive Index™, are available as total “hire to inspire” solutions.  They are being deployed at all levels to (1) recruit and hire, (2) understand attrition and succession, (3) identify turnover and employee cost, (4)

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