Servant Leadership: The Secret to life is serving others with humility….

There is a time in every person’s life where they can choose to answer the call. I answered a call last July to accept an invitation to hear Damon West speak to a Houston area high school football team. Having spent time as a high school football coach, I understood the importance of servant leadership, the art of motivation, team dynamics, peer pressure, and the derailment of potential by bad choices. My “why” lies in people. Possessing a degree in Sociology, I have long been fascinated how our behavior can be shaped by the groups in which we belong, yet our true self can remain genuine. The meaning? I believe we humans have great natural ability for good and it’s redeemable. My interest was peaked by Damon’s story and our paths converged. I’m grateful to have made his friendship and I’m humbled to have been able to find ways to serve others through his message. I know Damon has answered his call of servitude. I’m glad I did too. Thanks Damon and keeping scoring TDs!