Hiring is easier and smarter with Predictive Index (PI)

Ready. Aim. Hire.

Here at Kinsey Management, we love the Predictive Index (PI). It has helped numerous businesses all over the world make smarter hiring and development decisions, improve employee retention, and understand their teams better.

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We’re super excited to announce the latest release of the PI software: Crescendo!

Here’s What’s New:

Easy-to-Use Guiding Navigation

An updated experience guides you through the hiring process, making it run even more smoothly than before.

predictive index, hiring

Make Interviews & Onboarding More Efficient with Downloadable Kits

These quick download aides will assist you during the hiring process and make both interviewing and onboarding way easier.



predictive index, hiringMake it Easier to Find the Right People

Easily find out if you need to make adjustments to your expectations or recruitment strategy by determining the flow and types of candidates matching your job description.



predictive index, hiringJob Targeting That’s Simple to Understand

A more integrated job assessment helps you understand the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a job better than ever before.



predictive index, hiringThe Most Important Candidate Information, Organized for You

People are complex, but they don’t have to be. Don’t spend hours poring through a candidate profile feeling overwhelmed. Our latest update makes it easy to find exactly what you need to know. We’ve distilled countless behavioral patterns into 17 profiles for you to easily reference and recognize.



predictive index, hiringTarget People Who Are Fast Learners

A seamless integration of the PI Cognitive Assessment to include the measure of learning ability into the hiring process.



predictive index, hiringEasily Find the Best Fit for a Role

Automated analysis between a candidate’s behavioral drives, cognitive score, and the pre-defined job target enables you to easily sort through a candidate pipeline and find best fits for a given role.


Make the Hiring Process Easier with Kinsey Management and The Predictive Index!

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Video Transcription:

The PI empowers thousands of businesses around the globe to better understand their people’s behavioral drives and needs, and our latest release is making it easier than ever before to hire smart.

So what if figuring out who’s a good fit for a position was as simple as a glance?

Based on the job’s requirements, I’ve set behavioral and cognitive targets for our next HR Director, and it looks like candidates are flowing back in!

12 of the candidates who have taken PI assessments are marked as a great match. Others, not so much.

If I didn’t have many great matches for this position, I could revisit how the targets are set or how the job description is written to ensure I’m finding who I need.

While it may seem like magic, advanced scientific matching is occurring behind the scenes to ensure I can find the right candidates. Those that are the best fit float to the top of the list, helping to prioritize recruitment efforts. The PI software makes it easy to manage, filter, sort, and favorite candidates in the recruitment process.

But how did I get here?

I started by defining a job to recruit for. Let’s do that now.

I’m hiring a Graphic Designer and I’m going to enter a description of what I’m looking for.

On the back end, machine learning is matching my job title to a database of thousands of jobs to help me set recruiting benchmarks.

Now that my job is defined, I have the hiring manager or team take the job assessment right from the PI software.

In just a few minutes, I’ll have my behavioral and cognitive targets set and can begin finding the best people for the role.

Once I’m ready to send assessments, I can quickly set up a link for inclusion in a job posting or ATS, or I can send assessments directly to an individual.

Sometimes I need to send assessments out fast, so I just look for the Quick Send Assessments button on the top of the screen.

Now that my candidates have taken the assessments, I can review how they stack up to my original requirements.

Clicking into a candidate will allow me to learn more about them, understand their fit with a role, and download useful reports to help me interview and onboard them.

Learn more about how PI can help you by talking with a PI adviser.

Hiring is easier and smarter with Predictive Index (PI) | Kinsey MGMT – Houston, TX