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Best Practices

Attracting Top Talent In 2022

You need to know that a candidate has the skills to succeed, but also that they will fit within your team and company culture. People data can bolster your hiring and retention efforts by giving you insights into a person’s head and heart, as well as their briefcase.

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What Leader Do you Want to Be in 2021?

This week we discuss the execution data we have seen while working with clients during the pandemic. We are taking a look at leadership, and how executives can extend the positive attributes of their crisis management into the post-pandemic phase in 2021.

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How to be an Effective Sales Manager: Ten Proven Strategies

ales managers are responsible for a host of intertwining sales and interpersonal roles. The balance of obligations varies in different organizations, changing markets, and evolving sales teams. PerceptionPredict strives to innovate strategies that help any sales manager excel at all of their many tasks, exceed their goals, and champion sales teams towards success.

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