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Balanced Metrics

Uncertainty Is Not An Excuse

In this perfect storm, executives are challenged to follow a clear strategic path: should they continue to contain cost at the expense of new products? Should they pivot to address new demand, without knowing if it will evaporate when things return to normal? How can they move in-person customer service excellence online?

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Best Practices

Candidate selection: Improve hiring with 9 steps

8 minute read Candidate selection, also known as talent acquisition, is the process of finding and hiring the best candidate for an open position. It covers everything from sorting through applications, to sending talent assessments, to creating the final job offer. It’s also one of the most important processes in any organization. Research shows that bad hires cost companies 30% or more of their salary. The more important the position, the more it can cost your company: Bad managers don’t just underperform, but actively drive other employees away. Assessment tools like the Predictive Index Job Assessment™ can prevent bad hires and ensure you only

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Dysfunctional teams: The 5 characteristics

Dysfunction is often about an absence of trust, or an avoidance of accountability. To prevent dysfunction in teams, you need an understanding of the “where” and the “why,” in addition to the more obvious “who.” 

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Recruiting

In sales, the competition to find and win over the most skillful sellers is as consequential a priority as any.  The revenue-producing power of the most capable salespeople can fuel entire sales forces and companies to the next level.  To locate, engage, and hire more of those hard-to-find game-changers, hiring managers and recruiters must be keenly perceptive and compete with other potential employers for top candidates’ attention. 

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