Is Adaptability the Key to Performance?

Are you adaptable?


We found this read by Dylan Walsh of Stanford Business fascinating for a few reasons. First, we too believe adaptability is a key component in predicting success in our workplaces. Secondly, we also believe in the premise that adaptability or learning speed is hard to accurately measure. However, our work at Kinsey Management using The Predictive Index is proving that learning speed and the ability to adapt to new experiences and synthesize them into new outcomes is essential to personal and organization success.


We employ The Predictive Index (PI) Cognitive assessment. Behavioral science says adaptability and learning speed is one of the best predictors of job training and job performance. When used correctly, individuals can be identified who catch on quick, figure things out, and perform to expectation quicker. Target scores can be determined by considering job complexity, organizational factors, speed of business demand, and shape of cognitive ability required. In fact, one could argue that the ability to adapt to be used as cultural language in any organization.


The PI Cognitive assessment is scientifically validated measure of general cognitive ability and was created using strict professional organization standards from: the American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the International Test Commission . This assessment is powerful and legally defensible when used correctly. Contact us to learn more!