Build and Inspire High-Performing Employees and teams

Equip employees with knowledge to minimize conflict, reduce organizational toxicity, and communicate more effectively.

Talent optimized companies have 30% lower turnover of top-performers.

Unleash the power of your people by understanding what truly drives them.

Build a team that excels by playing to natural strengths and coaching through weaknesses.

Understand your people

  • Unlock strategies to motivate and manage your employees based on their individual working style.

  • Resolve conflict by comparing how two people’s strengths combine and where they may need some guidance.

  • Identify career paths and develop your employees based on their individual strengths.

Build Better Managers

  • Become a better leader by building your emotional intelligence and facilitating more effective conversation.

  • Leverage our development chart to help managers understand their strengths, caution areas, and tips for improving.

  • Utilize our strategy roadmap to best manage and engage direct reports based on their behavioral drives and needs

Enable High-Performing Teams

  • Understand how your own management style can adapt to get the most out of your team

  • Discover emerging patterns in the makeup of teams to optimize communication and execute for performance.

  • Assemble new teams based on their strengths and minimize gaps in your team’s strategy