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Using Talent Optimization to manage Change

With technology and AI rapidly changing business and consumerism daily, some leaders feel the need to change for the sake of change. Change is stressful.

Change Management: Stress and Motivation

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND OCCUPATIONAL STRESS Let’s face it, change causes stress. Change is inevitable; therefore, so is stress! Especially in the world of business, work, and

Is Adaptability the Key to Performance?

Are you adaptable? Why? We found this read by Dylan Walsh of Stanford Business fascinating for a few reasons. First, we too believe adaptability is

Changing the People Game

  The people game is changing when it comes to hiring, engagement, and leadership. This past March at the Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018, Philadephia

better management
Brandon Kinsey

4 Communication Tips for Better Management

Want better management skills? These communication tips will come in handy and make you a better manager. Why Communication Matters Poor communication is a huge

leadership, authority, power
Brandon Kinsey

Confusing Leadership with Authority and Power

The word leader conjures certain figures to mind. People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, or Charlemagne often come to mind, but some people might also

employee retention
Employee Retention
Lisa Kinsey

How to Make Your Employees Want to Stay

As a recruitment manager, if employee retention and engagement are not yet included in your priority list, then it is time you did so. The

Brandon Kinsey

The impact of technology on job searching

Technological advances have impacted every segment of society, including the process of looking for employment. Rather than spending hours thumbing through classified ads, job seekers

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Lisa Kinsey

People Analytics: Get On-board!

People analytics is going through a major shift.  From workforce planning to employee engagement and retention, the need for data is growing.  Leaders are looking

Lisa Kinsey

The Impact of Your Leadership

Posted by Brandon Kinsey | Kinsey Management, LLC (Houston, TX) – A Predictive Index Certified Partner I was side blinded by a hypothetical scenario that