Month: February 2017


The Impact of Your Leadership

Posted by Brandon Kinsey | Kinsey Management, LLC (Houston, TX) – A Predictive Index Certified Partner I was side blinded by a hypothetical scenario that was indirectly asked to me, “could I speak on leadership to a to corporate team that has been lectured by astronauts, professional athletes, and Fortune 500 CEO’s?” I must admit, the question and circumstances thereof, has bothered me all week. The question that lingers is, “Could I actively engage and inspire this group?” To ponder deeper into the rabbit’s hole of the question and my own self-doubt requires some reflection and introspection. I want to

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Predictive Index: Great Leadership Starts with Self-Awareness

Posted by Brandon Kinsey on February 9, 2017 | Kinsey Management, LLC (Houston, TX) – A Predictive Index Certified Partner One of the things I’m most passionate about is leadership. To me, it’s more important than any other component to an organization. Successful organizations across all industries (e.g. media, business, government or sports), all share a common trait – great leadership.  This leadership, regardless of its style, permeates into the cultural fiber of the organization. It’s what the organization will fall back on in times of adversity and it will be the prevailing wind when times are of plenty. Organizations

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